Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lost and Found in Sleepy Hollow

We recently had a sad turn of events. On Wednesday, following a day of wicked stormy weather,  I discovered that the door to our pet rabbit Napoleon's outdoor hutch was open and our beloved bunny was nowhere to be found. We looked high and low. Gone. As he's been part of our family for many years, this was very upsetting. We've been worried sick wondering if we will ever see Napoleon again.    

This morning, Sarah and I went out in search of yard sales. Tarrytown held its annual village wide tag sale so lots of places to poke around. Almost home, we noticed our neighbor Kim was having a sale in her driveway. While chatting, Kim inquired "Is anyone missing a black and white rabbit?" Sarah and I were amazed to hear that Napoleon had been hanging out in her yard for the last few days and that Kim had been concerned enough to put out food and water. Sure enough, hiding in her bushes was Napoleon.

And now- he is safe at home. A happy and unexpected ending here in Sleepy Hollow.

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