Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To Galilee We Go

On Saturday, James and I lit out for an overnight away when the going was good. One kid off to camp, one kid home to guard the fort, and one kid on his way from camp courtesy of neighbors who were driving their son back themselves. Through the years my good friend Joyce and her husband Gerry have created a beautiful oasis of gardens and outdoor living spaces while restoring their historic home, a combined post office/general store residence in rural Pennsylvania.

Joyce has a knack for creating the most gracious of environments and her delicious cooking means meals enjoyed in the nicest of settings. (Thank you dear friend!)  Whenever the light was right I picked up my camera in quest of my own photo soliloquies. Spending a weekend at their country abode in the Delaware valley is to experience a little slice of heaven. One couldn't ask for more.

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