Sunday, July 22, 2012

Maps, Bags and Bikes

Yesterday saw another whirlwind round of stamina driving. We took our son Jacob and his friend to the AYR Academy in Northfield, New Hampshire. When we entered the dusty parking lot in this rural locale we had arrived at Highland Mountain Bike Park where the camp is located. Yesterday, the Claymore Challenge was being held and the place was milling with bikers of all sizes and ages. Amazing, expensive bikes were assembled along with their very serious owners. Watching the competitors zoom down the mountain trying to pack as many spine tingling thrills as they could in to their jumps and turns, I realized the irresistible appeal of the sport for my son. Swimming fast in a pool, pinning an opponent on a mat in record time, fielding a ground ball and delivering it in to the mitt of a waiting teammate all pale in comparison to flying down a mountain doing circles in the air. Sometimes, as a parent, understanding the desires of your child brings you that much closer to appreciating what makes them tick.

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