Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There isn't a lot to add to a post title like the one above. Going outside seems complicated unless you like the feeling of sweat, damp and a weird fatigue that high temperatures create. I did manage to get to the city for some worthwhile reasons. Had an interesting meeting with a very smart person about a project of mine and I appreciated her input a lot. Sat on an air conditioned bus that sped up Madison Avenue to meet my daughter at the Guggenheim Museum. She was in one of her sulky moods which made me wonder when she will become the kind person whose company would be a huge boost to my sense of well being- but notwithstanding, we attended an hour's worth of conversation with photographers Rineke Dijkstra and Paul Graham moderated by Jennifer Blessing, the Guggenheim's chief curator of photography. A packed audience of well educated, well fed, well clad and mostly white people (if not entirely white people) sat like worshippers to hear the pearls of wisdom drop from these two photographers' mouths. I was interested, and then not. It always gives me ample room to pause on all the ways I probably did not play the cards of my career as well as they could have been played. (Of course, it is all not written yet.) I doubt if my work will ever grace the walls of the Guggenheim (and I don't really like photographs printed so huge). It must be the part of me that is rooted in the magazine culture- and liking the intimacy of the image that does not compete with you in scale.

The photo above is not mine- so my apologies to its creator. Hopefully, you know who you are.

We also sat in the Peter B. Lewis Theatre at the museum. Back in the day (okay like 30 years ago) he and I had a very funny tryst where I did something very adult-like while sitting in his lap. There I was, with my lap once again in a seat provided by him. Sort of a full circle kind of thing.

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