Thursday, July 26, 2012


As my son is away, we are taking care of his snake Fluffy for him. I should confess when it comes to reptiles, I am a little squeamish. When it comes to parenting, squeamish I am not. Add to that my own childhood where we were not allowed pets. In the memorable words of my dad, "5 kids are animals enough." My husband grew up in a rural environment replete with chickens, horses and sheep. So when it comes to the animal kingdom he has enough enthusiasm for both of us. And typical of a parent who was deprived of something special when a child, I couldn't say no to all the requests that were made of us

When Jacob was 7, he got his first lizard, Sandy, who lived a long life and then went to the great beyond. His interest morphed to snakes, and we acquired a very sweet ball python whom he named Fluffy and who continues to live a long and mostly boring existence is his room. (We did have a few corn snakes who escaped in to the house.... but no worries Mom!) Whenever kids are over, we take out Fluffy and watch the average 9 year old's gaze widen with fascination. Fluffy is one agreeable critter and bears the distinction of being the lowest maintenance member of the family.

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