Monday, June 11, 2012

Floral Reveries

Flowers have a certain gravity all their own for me. As a child, I loved the flowers in my mother's garden and their ephemeral beauty resonated even then. Something so amazing could have such a fleeting beauty that in a matter of days, these wonders would evolve in condition from bud, to bloom, to fading elements of a life passing. Once I had the means and opportunity, I explored my romance with blooming creatures. But the columbine, whose architecture fascinated me when I was small, fascinates me still.

So, living in Sleepy Hollow and developing our little plot of highly-taxed heaven has allowed us to plant, water, weed and enjoy all the diversity of mother nature. Flowers, unlike children, express their gratitude when they flourish and never need to go shopping, have voluminous friends over, leave the kitchen a mess or forget to do their homework.
Amen to all that.

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