Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back Again

America's Got Talent was back for it's umpteenth season (okay seventh) and the addition of Howard Stern as a judge made the panel a lot more lively without the smug Englishman (sorry for such a negative opinion, Pierce). Howard definitely makes Howie Mandel seem even crazier- but in a nice way. That plus the fact that Howard is not afraid to touch people (unlike Howie) and actually seems to like your average citizen (something I never quite got from the recently departed and above referred to judge) is a definite improvement. It's hard to know why I like watching these shows. My family wanders in and out while it's on with expressions of pained fascination with my apparent wide range of cultural interests. (Okay, I also really like The Approval Matrix on the last page of New York magazine as another cultural litmus test). They managed to wrap up last night's opener with a very touching father daughter singing duo (Maurice and Shanice Hayes) who had me crying along with everyone else there. The combination of their voices, back story and seemingly fond respect for each other made me hope that they go all the way. From street performers to a decked out stint in Vegas - can a rag to riches story get any better than that?

And in addition- I think Nick Cannon does a world class job as m.c.  What a mensch!!

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