Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

It's very rainy here. Very. Hurricane Irene is sweeping through our suburban landscape and since we had to take down a towering pine adjacent to the house years ago (as a result of long term damage from carpenter ants) we are not feeling the fear of tree branches descending from above. As in The Wizard of Oz, if a house or a tree should blow in and land on our house, now that's another story. The house is tranquil, kids elsewhere (college, camp, sleepover) and I allow myself a favorite distraction- a new favorite tv series, The Hour, courtesy of BBC America.

I don't begin to understand what is going on in its very elaborate plot- but it's well done, well written and intriguing. Perfect to watch as the rain pelts the neighborhood and the wind makes its own symphony in the leaves.

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