Saturday, August 16, 2014

Boredom doesn't mean you're boring

The crickets pulse with rhythmic repetition. A daughter visits and leaves, rushing in and out with smiles and news, the schedule for high school appears in the mail and the air cools with the expectation of September in the offing. I am restless and craving something huge, complicated and requiring every ounce of my attention. Napping beckons and repels at the same time. I want to be moving forward- if possible like a shark.

It's important to resist having too many opinions about what really matters. Best to enjoy the lingering light of the afternoon, the branches moving in the breeze and savoring how pleasant feeling pleasant often seems after a problem is solved or a crisis is averted.

I'll go with the glass half full and leave it at that.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Sweet Sounds of Amy Correia (in Sleepy Hollow)

I consider ourselves lucky to live in a vibrant community of caring and inspired individuals so when our neighbors, Jamye and Martin, invited us to their home for a concert of a singer songwriter they had come to love for her soulful sound, we signed up immediately.

Last night the weather cooperated, the moon graced the sky with its glow and many of us gathered on their patio to sit in rapt attendance as Amy Correia serenaded us with her poetic songs of adventures and love lost and found accompanied by Ron Wilhelmsen on harmonica. The strains of his harp mixed with her beautiful voice cast a spell on us all. 

Amy is a truly special talent with an unforgettable gift and I hope many good things come her way in the years to come.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Everyone Has Hard Days

I'm definitely melancholic today. Sarah started college yesterday- and the house feels odd without her.  It's beautiful and sunny and I am wrestling with the guilt of feeling bad when I know how lucky we are in so many ways. This state of my head and heart is not unique to me- that I am surrounded by many who grapple with difficult feelings under the best of circumstances.
Time to summon forth the positives to soothe my troubled soul- knowing happiness often requires effort, especially when the unknown creates more fear than I'd like to admit.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Way back when (Throwback Thursday)

A happy moment before we launched our life in Sleepy Hollow- when baby made three and life with a toddler was an endless series of frustrations and delights. It's hard to resist memory when confronted with change. Sometimes the biggest challenge is to live in the here and now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

She's Leaving Home

I'm experiencing the universal pangs of sadness when you realize your child who was once your babe in arms is readying herself to embark on her next chapter. I've readied myself in the usual ways- she's been to sleep away camp so we've sent her off before to places unknown (yes her sleep away camp was so far away that we never actually got there- which in her way she preferred knowing this special place was not something she ever had to share with mom and dad..).

It's hard not to enjoy the many bubbles of excitement that all the preparations of going off to college create and I am happy for her. Wistful for me and with anxiety for us all. Life propels us forward and there is no turning back.
(and I am reminded of my own childhood- when my eldest brother headed off to college and I realized that we were not going to all live together forever. Some things never change.)