Friday, January 30, 2015

Why Can't We All Get Along? (even if I won't do what you want me to)

It's been a longer interval than usual since my last post. To say that I've been preoccupied with matters local large and small is an understatement. Since I got elected to office as a Trustee for the Village of Sleepy Hollow I have witnessed behavior that I previously mostly saw on forums of the fictional persuasion. At times I have watched the British Parliament at work where some dignitary takes the floor and opens his remarks directed at one of his colleagues in a manner like thus "To my esteemed fellow member, the complete idiot..." and then proceed to rant and rave. I found it shocking but then again- I'm assuming this must be their normal.

Recently we've had some hiring decisions to make for our village and as the New York State Legislator found it in their infinite wisdom to give local municipal boards the ultimate authority to hire candidates for positions, I've been on the receiving end of individuals (not necessarily residents of our village) who attend our board meetings so that they can scream, insult and threaten board members who chose not to hire someone they thought worthy. As a person who has been blessed with some great work opportunities and lost out on positions I really wanted- it would never occur to me to round up some malcontents to storm a meeting to support my discontent. These comments did not make me change my mind in the least but did make me wonder how crazy things can get.

So, in the spirit of seeking understanding and harmony I wish we could have discourse and not dogma. Something to hope for- if nothing else.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In the Land of Ideas


The date on the calendar reminds me to work on my Valentine.  It's always good to keep all channels open- especially when inspiration is concerned.
(and thank you Sarah for the use of your beautiful hands!)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mom at Work (in Sleepy Hollow)


I have an affinity for working with people- especially when you put a camera in my hands. Studying faces and understanding the goals and desires of your subject means the possibility of creating a memorable outcome. Last summer, my neighbor Susan Brennan needed a new portrait and one sunny Sunday morning found us working together to that end. Sue is a dynamic, bright and engaged individual and it was fun to capture her in pixels. We went from the studio set-up in my home to her house where her family was assembled to take a photo of them together.

Families present other challenges, but the Brennan's love and camaraderie that prevailed came shining through, with a little coaxing of all involved if truth be told. And Sue was kind enough to share her thoughts below:

“When I moved to a new position in Business Development I found myself using Linked in regularly.  I quickly realized I needed an excellent photo to post.  Dorothy Handelman took a photo that garnered over 50 “likes” on my Facebook page and 25+ positive comments on Linked in within the first few days.  Dorothy showed enormous patience during the shoot, trying a variety of backgrounds, lighting, and poses until we got it right.  
Thank you Dorothy!”

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ruminating Me

A few minutes on the internet can easily create a few cringe worthy moments and this morning proved me right yet again. Clicking from coverage on Amal Clooney's white gloves at the Golden Globes (who cares?) to Kelly Osbourne's confession that she yahoo'd herself (like every day?) to Stonewall Kitchen's invitation to join the "Gourmet Toast Movement" (10 ways to make unforgettable toast). While my parents were committed to many progressive causes and were accused of being in "the movement" I had no idea that all the years of piling delectables (including leftovers tucked away in the refrigerator) on a piece of toast was a vanguard act in the kitchen. I'm always amazed by how unimportant events are elevated in to newsworthy content suitable to fill someone's next spare 30 seconds. What a world.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Coming Up

With the calendar advancing and life back to our winter routines, my next order of business is coming up with a concept for my annual Valentine. Nothing like a little stress to propel me forward- something I'm sure is familiar to many. Wish me luck!