Saturday, May 13, 2017

Update on a rainy day

I'm in that stage of the divorce narrative where our communications are strictly clinical. There is no emotion or display of feelings. Just detail to arrange and assets to negotiate. It's unnerving to be in my ex's presence given the huge role he played for over 2 decades of my life. That we now conduct ourselves with net neutrality astounds me when you consider he was there at the birth of our children. So, always something to feel weird about.

Because separating is an option available in the marriage contract you forget going in that this may be the direction things will go- and when love morphs to apathy, you have to take those cues and plot a new course. The finality has stirred up all sorts of earlier traumas and setbacks.

I examine my role, try to encourage myself that things invariably work out as they should, and then shoulder the burdens, obligations and goals that await. No matter how you prepare, your efforts can fail you in the end. Best to keep trying and maintain your sense of humor. Hopefully, time still heals all wounds.

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