Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thinking about the world in which we live (for Mom and Dad)

I'm what you might call a red diaper baby. I grew up in a household where my parents actively worked to change the world. I was aware from early on of the downside of a free market system and the exploitation of those workers at the bottom of the pyramid- people who through the luck (or lack of luck) of fate were not availed of great heath care, education, decent housing and family stability. There is the whole pull yourself up by the bootstraps mentality and the media loves to publish stories of people who have risen above- and I am gladdened to read all those success stories, But the reality is that poverty engenders poverty- and that poorer neighborhoods typically have substandard schools and lesser amenities and that without opportunity and parental influence it's tough to craft a life path that leads to an increased standard of living and that we as a people are usually content to write a check if we are fortunate to have the means to do so and rarely think but for the accident of birth that could be me- trying to live on a minimum wage job. KJ Dellatonia of Motherlode shares the stories of all kinds of moms- but today she published an essay that I hope I never forget and that I hope is read widely by people with the influence to effect change. If I read one more story of excessive executive compensation I think I will burst from frustration and pray that my parents' dream of a better, more egalitarian world will eventually come to be.

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  1. Dorothy, it must be hard living in that world of executive compensation and whining about it.
    Certainly that biggest problem we face in our culture right now is the disparity in resources and the biggest challenge the redistribution of wealth. The 1% mostly aren't going to give it up without a struggle. It leads me deep into thoughts about our "I've got mine" culture here in American whereas in Europe the aristocracy (by birth or by merit) feel a responsibility to give back. What is the source of such greed and lack of social responsibility among this class here? I feel the anger building, yes, but the machine has done such a splendid job of coopting anger. Of using fear. Of sustaining the fantasy that any one of us can make it big. That it's somehow your own fault if you haven't made it big. No answers, Dorothy. I trust the universe will bring us to this moment when it all has to come down. Obama is squeezing out concessions from the Republicans in his second term. But worldwide?--the globalization cabal keep on trying to destroy native cultures so they can rip them off for their resources. People have got to start calling it for what it is. I salute you for your courage in coming out as a red diaper baby in the community you live in. Love on V Day. Destiny