Monday, February 17, 2014

I feel a little ill

Nothing like squandering most of a perfectly beautiful day by binge watching the rest of House of Cards- Season 2. I felt like a train losing its brakes and heading downhill and when one episode would end, and the counter would begin, meaning there was only like a 15 second interval before the next episode began- that was it. I couldn't make myself stop. Now every where I look I see cloaks and daggers. I wonder why?


  1. Since I am inundated with household DIY renovations, I was able to circumvent binge watching (aka procrastination) by holding out the reward of an episode a day, once my daily to-do list got checked off.This, I'm afraid, did not happen during Orange is the New Black. As Frank would say, "Tick tock!"

  2. This would not be referring to Francis Underwood by any chance. would it?

    1. Francis and Claire to be exact! (I'm not really sure who is more evil?) Thanks for your comments- much appreciated...