Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Jewel along the Hudson

A quiet Saturday meant a chance for an excursion. James got the directions to the Untermeyer Gardens in Yonkers and off we went.

Located on the Hudson River these gardens, once part of a large estate called Greystone, encompassed over 150 acres of plantings, pools, sculptures, themed gardens, vistas and pathways. With the establishment of the Untermeyer Gardens Conservancy in 2010 the garden is in the process of being restored and a few of its features have been returned to their glory of yesteryear.

The setting was busy with brides and grooms making pit stops to use its location for wedding portraits while we visitors strolled the wonderful grounds wrought by Samuel Untermeyer and his landscape
architect Welles Bosworth almost 100 years ago. Remarkably beautiful and well worth the visit.

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