Friday, May 3, 2013

Flow (and me)

I love photographing outside. Always have. Interacting with the out of doors through a camera is a favorite activity. Since motherhood I have been occupied with our little corner as a subject matter, mostly for its proximity. I have learned to deal with frequent interruptions, often beginning with "Mom!..." and many times requiring that I stop doing what I am doing and come do something else. As soon as possible. It's easy to feel scattered when you are dealing with kids. Flow can be hard to achieve.


  1. Lovely photographs!

    Oh, yes, kids. When my sweet extroverted chatterbox is home in the summer, I will be out in my office, a room over the garage, and will see her tousled head appear in her bedroom window when she first wakes up. My phone will then immediately vibrate with the text, "Mama, where r u?"

    Thank God as a teen, she sleeps till about 11. :o)

    1. Thanks for the kind words regarding my photos. It's true there is the sweet window of peace in the a.m. when they are teens and off from school- still- I never know when my peace will be disturbed by running feet or a ringing phone, usually signaling needs something- and "right now Mom!!! (please....!)"