Saturday, March 3, 2018

Nostaglia and me

Back then, taking care of three kids kept me plenty busy so at times, the thought of not chasing a toddler, of not supervising their screen time, of not holding myself accountable for their behavior, nutrition and academic success was a prospect that loomed pleasantly in the future. The mind wandered to an unknown chapter where the need to manage them would be relegated to their own arsenal of self preservation.

I'm not looking back as much as looking at what is now, what is required of me, and do have a nostalgia for a simpler time where making sure the kids were still alive at the end of the day was my main responsibility. Now I'm often scattered with goals, obligations, concerns and desires- all the while worried constantly about the fate of our world.

In retrospect, making sure a two year old steered clear of potential dangers was a lot easier than worrying about the two year old masquerading as an adult in the White House.