Monday, September 14, 2015

The Open Wraps

In my own mild mannered way, I'm a big fan of sporting events. I like fitness and find that by moving around all day, getting wet in all forms of swimmable water, gardening and keeping life going forward, satisfies my need for physical activity. Yet athletic contests. and the drama held within, make me an avid armchair spectator and last night's men's final of the U.S. Open had me glued to my chair.

There is the narrative of each player, the stunning display of athletic prowess, the respective coaches and spouses in the stands and the fan themselves. cheering their favorite to excel and on to victory- it's a perfect spectacle to examine much of life. Skill versus the liability of error, persevering under extreme pressure and using your opponents' weakness against them.

The crowd was behind Roger Federer but I was drawn to Novak Djokovic whose cool demeanor and near perfect performance fascinated me. He whittled away at Federer's powerful serve and made far fewer mistakes. Early in the match he fell and bruised his forearm and with the blood tricking down kept his focus on the match. A poignant reminder that no matter one's physical condition, keeping yourself in the game is the only path to victory, no matter what turf you find yourself on.

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