Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How to Keep Cool (where sleep is concerned)

Living without air conditioning means keeping our cool on a hot summer night can be a challenge. Even though our bedrooms have ceiling fans and our house has plenty of windows, when bed time rolls around and it's super steamy, it helps to partake of a quick rinse in a cold shower, and after toweling off, a generous splash of something refreshing like 4711. (And if you are so inclined, keep the bottle in the refrigerator. Sensory bliss!!)

Crisp sheets, the lightest of summer blankets and a glass of ice cold water assist the sleep deprived. But when the mercury refuses to fall, I have been known to succumb to my "personal fan." Placed strategically next to my side of the bed, its breezes cool my face and lowers my personal temp.

The weatherman is predicting another heat wave and having all my tools deployed means a lot more comfort for this often harried wife and mom. So far, no one has appropriated this most personal of effects (something that's been known to happen around here) and I appreciate either the respect or the lack of need. It's good to know what helps to get you through the night...

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  1. It's tough to go without air-conditioning in this heat! My parents used to have a house near Poughkeepsie that had no air-conditioning. We managed, but sometimes there was a lot of whining and complaining, but i won't say from who. :)