Saturday, July 25, 2015

Food for Thought (artistically speaking)

Our local library through the generous support of Education First has museum passes you can reserve and check out for some great cultural institutions nearby. I arranged to take the pass for the Guggenheim and invited a friend and yesterday was a perfect day for a cultural outing. Arriving at the museum I was struck by the circus like atmosphere that greeted you as your approached the distinctive landmark with food trucks, art vendors and patrons of all ages and nationalities milling around. Entering the building we made our way to the top and headed down enjoying the art which often was visually arresting, quirky, complicated or challenging in concept and made for a stimulating hour of gazing.

Highlights were the moving exhibit of work by Doris Salcedo whose political views inform her work with a profound gravity, and selections from Storylines- an interesting group show of works from the museum's collection chosen by a group of distinguished authors for its story-telling appeal.

As an artist who has been fascinated by the narrative I was especially interested in seeing Storylines but it was Salcedo's work that I will long remember. Her room of shoes in ghostly vitrines was powerful and full of feeling. Very grateful to have seen her work. A potent force for social realism with the genius of a visionary poet and well worth the trip to 89th Street.

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