Friday, June 12, 2015

Things that go thump in the night

We returned home after swimming the other night to find emergency personnel milling in front of our house. A major branch from the oak tree across the road split and fell, exploding all over our yard. The night buzzed with the sounds of chain saws and vehicles pushing the branches off the road. Then Con Ed appeared to re-connect our electricity. By midnight, we had power, but no Verizon, no phone or internet. Small concerns.

In the morning, our DPW arrived in full complement with saws, wood chipper, and a forklift. The four guys cleared the mess and restored order. It was sad to see the damage done to the property, trees stripped of branches and mature plantings smashed and reduced by the impact. But no one was hurt when the limb came down. Something else to fix and restore in Sleepy Hollow.

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