Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mom at Work (in Sleepy Hollow)


I have an affinity for working with people- especially when you put a camera in my hands. Studying faces and understanding the goals and desires of your subject means the possibility of creating a memorable outcome. Last summer, my neighbor Susan Brennan needed a new portrait and one sunny Sunday morning found us working together to that end. Sue is a dynamic, bright and engaged individual and it was fun to capture her in pixels. We went from the studio set-up in my home to her house where her family was assembled to take a photo of them together.

Families present other challenges, but the Brennan's love and camaraderie that prevailed came shining through, with a little coaxing of all involved if truth be told. And Sue was kind enough to share her thoughts below:

“When I moved to a new position in Business Development I found myself using Linked in regularly.  I quickly realized I needed an excellent photo to post.  Dorothy Handelman took a photo that garnered over 50 “likes” on my Facebook page and 25+ positive comments on Linked in within the first few days.  Dorothy showed enormous patience during the shoot, trying a variety of backgrounds, lighting, and poses until we got it right.  
Thank you Dorothy!”

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