Sunday, December 28, 2014

Made of (leaded) Glass

Last fall my friend Sandra participated in the Tarrytown village wide tag sale- an event which typically takes place on a Saturday in late September and elicits a fair amount of anticipation from all those who love looking at other people's discards (hopefully attractively priced). My spouse was trying to raise money to meet his pledge obligation for an LLS Race for the Cure and so Sandra invited him to participate with her and sell some of our unneeded household items (and who doesn't have those?). 

Early morning, during the set up I noticed that Sandra had an assortment of Lalique crystal figurine items for sale- and the retailer in me knew this was not the right venue for these high priced objets d'art. I struck a deal with Sandra and I am happy to report that I just sold the last item on Ebay. Hopefully in the new homes they have found, they will be appreciated and enjoyed by their new owners. All's well that end's well as the great bard would say.

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