Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cheap thrills for Mom and Daugther

My eldest, Nora, came home to visit from Vermont and was happy to run around in quest of household items for the rental she is sharing with friends. As she enjoys thrifting we hit a few new haunts where she found a set of worn but nicely painted stoneware, a pair of sheer curtains, a set of cloth napkins and a cast iron frying pan. (Total $30.00)

I scored this Esprit shirt and Mantero silk scarf for prices so ridiculously low that it is not worth disclosing what I paid.

An hour in Target uncovered this fab toaster  ($11.00 on clearance), a new shower curtain, food for her kitten Boo and goods to keep her kitchen clean.

But the most intriguing item of all was a small square Vera scarf  in mint condition that I found in a thrift store in New Rochelle. Screen-printed in a geometric design using gold metallic ink on what feels like it might be parachute silk- a material she used when she launched her business in the post-war years.

Trying to date it, I found an amazing post about Vera scarves by the wonderful  Lizzie Bramlett creator of the blog The Vintage Traveller. Based on her information, this scarf dates back to the 1950's (very early in the evolution of the Vera brand). Vera's operations were located in Ossining, NY (the town north of where we live) and in the beginning years, Vera and her husband lived above the design and production facilities. It is a beautiful scarf with a kind of magical charm and a little piece of local history. Excitement for mom!

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  1. Thanks so much for calling me wonderful! Made my day!

    Love the Vera, of course.