Sunday, June 22, 2014

Soliloquies in Motion (presented by RAW)

I've been on the go keeping my usual assortment of plates spinning in the air- on the plus side I've recently had some nice opportunities to apply my talents. Last night I photographed RAW's (Rivertown Arts Workshop) Intimate Evening of Solos at Washington Irving School. An audience of 50 sat raptly on chairs arranged on the stage and it proved awkward to work during the live event. The man seated next to me was annoyed by what I was doing. Long story short- I put my camera down. I'm not big on antagonizing complete strangers.

Luckily I had come to the run through earlier that day and photographed when the theatre was empty.  The dancers ( Lisa Iannacito, Jonathan Gonzalez,  Megan Williams and Cynthia Bueschel Svigals) did a beautiful job creating a captivating evening of movement that reflected a host of the choreographer's styles.  So kudos to Sara Levine and Naomi Vladeck co-founders of RAW for staging another evening of inspired performance and artistry!

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