Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Way it Is

Like last summer, Krista and her family joined us at the beach club last night for dinner and a swim. The clouds provided enough cover that the air temperature was perfect. Their little girls played in the water and the sand, taking breaks for snacks before the real business of supper began. Our three progeny are too old (at 20, 17, and 15) to always show up when we gather for a meal. Many times they have plans of their own, are heading out with friends, are "not hungry", or "I'll eat later, Mom", with the caveat of "save me some leftovers!"- so I am intent on creating a new model that doesn't include their presence at the table. It does make me sad, to think how fleeting those days were, how sweet and purposeful in retrospect- you always knew what was required next. So, all you parents of small fry- enjoy your young 'ens. They will be grown before you know it and off to bigger and better things. Hopefully still interested in knowing you (and needing you when life requires).

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