Monday, April 1, 2013

The Princess and the Pillowcase

I fell off the frugal wagon recently and attended a sale at the Ann Gish store in Chelsea. With our usual long list of financial obligations- I'm sort of astounded that I did. I bought an assortment of very beautiful furnishings for the bed, highly discounted but still a small fortune in our current economy. My  extravagances included a pair of silk pillowcases ($90.00) and a silk flat sheet ($60.00). I have been in love with her silk pillowcases since I found them years back and discovered that resting my face on a silk pillowcase at night made falling asleep much easier- in contrast using a rough pillowcase made falling asleep a struggle.  Call it the "princess and the pea syndrome". Call it what ever you like. Ultimately as an investment in my sanity, it's priceless.

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