Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A return to the square

During my years in NYC as a studio photographer  I typically used a Hasselblad camera for work.
With the advent of digital (which eliminated stocking film, along with the many runs to drop off and pick up at the lab) I transitioned to working with digital cameras. After countless rolls of film left me with a wide carbon footprint, I was relieved to no longer be polluting the globe with all the toxic chemicals required to process film.

A while back a talented friend had a hankering to try this larger format and so she made excellent use of one of my cameras. When she returned it  she also gave me a pack of polaroid film. This film, designed to fit a camera back meant you could examine your image on this "instant" medium before you committed your images to film. The polaroid box floated around my office until yesterday when I broke out the camera, put it on a tripod, used a light meter and made a photograph of the most prosaic image I could muster. Brought back a flood of happy memories- the snap as you pull the film through its rollers, the 90 second interval while your image processes, and the magic of the final peel when you got to see your results. 

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