Saturday, March 2, 2013

The W Question

Lately I'm wondering why I blog, feeling awkward in my own skin, and ambivalent in seeking to share myself with others in this way. So many people creating so much content- it feels like the ultimate egotism to keep crafting blog posts, especially when the focus isn't the next greatest place to eat dinner, the next important cause that we all must support, or a dire event (condition, location) that no one knows about and should. I don't live an especially extraordinary life (although I am reasonably skilled with a camera). I am for all intents and purposes devoted to my family and do what I can for the world at large. Like many, I could do more and aspire to do more, do better which seems to be the essence of our common humanity. So why blog? I'm working on that one. Forgive my bout of self reflection. Must come with the territory of the introvert craving an extroverted guise.

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