Friday, February 15, 2013

That went well

Photobomb courtesy of Sarah
Valentine's Day saw little trauma. The internet didn't go down. I wasn't interrupted by an unplanned emergency. James and Jacob went food shopping. My husband prepared a lovely dinner and my son assembled and served dessert (I wasn't even allowed in the kitchen). We had a harmonious meal which satisfied both the carnivores and vegetarians in our group. James bought Valentine cards for all and a nice bouquet of flowers graced the table. The perfect amount of effort in a household that tries to maintain a wary relationship with Madison Avenue.
After spending the day mailing out my Valentine greeting trying to remember everyone I could (sorry if I forgot someone important- my imperfections are many) I got some lovely responses to this year's effort. In the afternoon I took a break to attend a rally in support of ending violence against women- something many know too much about.
Now it's back to pressing obligations, work, photography and contemplating what needs to be done next. Another Valentine has come and gone in the life of this artist, mother, wife, sister and friend.

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