Monday, September 10, 2012

Inadequate Me

Lisa Belkin recently wrote a fascinating blogpost about the Obamas' parenting rules vis à vis their daughters, the two first children Saskia and Malia. I am in awe of Michelle's ability to dictate what her girls do or don't do- and frankly, as she is the wife of the commander in chief, I shouldn't be amazed at all. Afterall, if her husband has figured out how to get hired to run the county, it should be a no brainer that she can have such a tight grip on two girls aged 14 and 11. I think if as a kid, my dad's job included calling The White House your primary residence, I would get that what my parents say, goes. Still, here in Sleepy Hollow, I am routinely locking horms with my kids on matters large and small and while I can be pretty unwavering on the big stuff, ethics, conduct and morals- when it comes to screen time or an unwillingess to do sports after school, I can't always prevail.  So, once again, an opportunity to do better as I seek to accept myself as a parent, faults and all.

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