Monday, August 13, 2012

It's a Wrap

We've had a lot of fun for the last 17 days. Some true suspense. Along with way too many commercials for Revolutionthe future Armageddon show, that NBC is worried that no one will be watching this fall. But, back to the Olympics, and a chance to share in the efforts of the talented, industrious, driven,  sometime scowling, and sometime ecstatic athletes, along with their nail biting parents and zealous coaches. (editor's note- I don't think I am the future parent of an Olympic bound athlete)  We enjoyed the spectacle, display, fierceness and pageantry. (Well, it was a weird opening ceremony...) And thanks to the many extremely hard working broadcast staff who made sure we saw it all, including Chang W. Lee of the NY Times who took the wonderful picture I've swiped and posted above.

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