Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Artist Baker creates a Farm Dinner

On Saturday, my daughter Sarah and I made our way to a lovely spot upstate where my friend Andrea, The Artist Baker created a dinner at Guy Jones'  Blooming Hill Farm for a crowd of ardent foodies who travelled from locations near and far. From the farm's rustic dining room, pizzas crafted and cooked in an outdoor pizza oven, to all sorts of other culinary delights, it was a treat to walk around with my camera and take it all in. Sarah pitched in to help and I had the maternal delight of watching my beautiful girl make herself useful in the mix of the kitchen hands and servers hard at work. Andrea has so many talents and draws such interesting people in to her orbit, I was glad we made the trip to this rural retreat. A few leftovers tucked away in the car meant my husband had a late dinner and I had some stories to tell.

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