Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lazy Mom

I'm in some pre holiday weekend daze. I should be running around, organizing another delicious meal, or putting things in order or working on a photo assignment that is due, very soon. Instead, I'm in that wandering zone where not doing what I am supposed to seems so much more attractive than moving the balls along. You know that feeling when a pile takes on its own gravitas and looking at my list of chores induces fatigue. Maybe after I have read one too many magazine articles about fascinating types of all shapes, sizes and ages I will feel the stirrings of necessity. The dog has been walked and dozes away and I'm tempted to join him. Soon, there will be kids arriving home- demanding my interest or participation. I will give my ambition a rest and see where that leads me. So many opportunities to feel guilty on this sunny beautiful day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I certainly could say the topic has been over explored (by me in particular)- but such is life. I'm living with three teenagers and there's lots of "don't talk to me!" "why don't you listen to me?" "go away!" "where are you?" "how could you?" "why must you?" and the ever lasting standard "you never told me that!". Fill in the blanks as it's a wearisome journey- and it's hard to prepare. Selective deafness helps as does a memory like a sieve. Don't hold grudges and more importantly refrain from sharing your deepest insights. They won't be appreciated, forgiven or considered. I'm hopeful that at some point in the not too distant future (like before I die) I'll be able to enjoy them truly, deeply, madly. For now- it's a moment to moment thing- often tested and occasionally rewarded with a blissful smile or tender hug. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The End is Near

It's the winding down (or wind-up?) of the century- so far. As we witness Oprah's count-down to the end (another 3 shows- for real!!)- each minute of programming becomes that much more special. Who will the final guest be? More apropos, who were the most important guests? Now that's a crowd pleaser, tear jerker and promotional op rolled into a fast paced hour. Oprah's seal of approval has been sought by millions (full disclosure, I sent her a set of the children's books I did a while back called The Real Kids Readers praised by parents, librarians and teachers alike. Oprah wasn't interested. No sour grapes- I'm just not one of the chosen few.) I had to watch Friday's show to see who would capture that last segment. And I was not disappointed. A truly inspirational woman named Tererai Trent who made me think twice about any hardship I have ever endured. No, it's onward and upward while making the world a better place. Count me in.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Teendom and Me

My eldest left on a school trip this morning. Too busy to say good-bye, but not too busy to call from school as she was missing something vital. At school, where we met and did our exchange she made a hasty exit. Nothing sentimental there. Oh parents of small children, enjoy them while they are still in your thrall. After all, babies are not time wasters. They are time enhancers. They make you feel special. They extend your sense of time going forward. You are now in the great chain of being. How magical is that? But teens? Well teens are what I like to call time wasters.
As virtually grown, they are still completely unable to put their dishes in the sink without being told (much less the dishwasher), seem to need endless reminders that yes, it's time to wake up once again and no, you can't have the credit card to take your friends out to lunch, to the movies, whatever. They require a kind of patience that I imagine saints possess (but not always by me) and the ability to say nothing when you are woefully annoyed by some transgression that somehow you and only you find offensive (according to them). So brace yourself, you parents of babies, toddlers and the grammar school set. Be prepared to know nothing and give more than most would advise as reasonable. If you all survive it will provide grist for the mill. Don't lose your sense of humor and stop looking at your watch. When you are a parent of a teen, time morphs in to something else entirely. Imagine becoming a concierge to a clientele who often have very few manners- if any at all.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Fun Tag Sale

My friend Sandra and I held our annual tag sale today and we had fun shedding possessions and chatting up the different types who wandered through in search of the unexpected. Usually I am the one on the prowl for the china, quirky linens, funny pictures and odd lamps collected on someone's driveway, garage or yard waiting to be adopted and cherished anew. Invariably, Sandra and I eye each other's offerings while setting up and then swap away. A tiring busy day yields less clutter at home, a little cash and a few new treasures to add to the mix.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bare foot and fancy free

The love of the sun and all things outdoors has descended with the better weather. Shorts, bare feet and little tops rule the day. Even my son will stretch out and catch some rays. Of course, being the modern types they are- nothing's finer than to call something up on Netflix and laze a few hours away. I typically get restless, want to do something, fix something or make something and can't really unwind the way they do. I guess all those adult concerns crowd out the ability to chill. Do I wish I was a teenager again? Not particularly. But when I see their ability to relax I get a little jealous. The memory of a life with few worries seems far far away.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Lucky Find

I went to a thrift sale this morning at a church nearby. Today is unusual because there are two big church rummage events happening at the same time- up here in our neck of the woods and in Irvington. So, I chose to stay local, had a little bit of cash and went at the beginning of the sale. Towards the end of my hunt, I ran in to a friend in the furniture tent. Looking down, I saw this interesting umbrella stand- beat up but stately. Affordably priced, I picked it up. My heart did a leap when I saw the faded Fornasetti mark on the bottom. What an incredible designer he was. What a lucky find!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Other Things

I've been on the go and on the road more lately. Now, it's the chance to focus on my to do list, some of which I haven't been able to get to while my daughter was in the throes of her college decision. I wish I shifted gears more easily, but sometimes the small, or last minute, or ongoing issues make it difficult to keep every ball in the air. I do wish I had known how to prioritize a little better. Maybe spent more time in the active pursuit of making money and building my career than I spent say, raising kids, chasing chaos and running the house 24/7. It's a rainy day and I'm grateful for the garden I've been tending. I planted some nigella seeds yesteday. I really like their quirky looks and how they seem to spring out the ground. Their seed pods in the fall are positively witchy after they bloom. Here's to the sweet possibility of watching them grow in the months to come.