Monday, May 17, 2010

There is always a lot to do on mondays-especially when all three manage to get to school. Doing the Census work has added another dimension everyday of paperwork and organizing questionnaires and reviewing them. Lots of trips to Rockland County to go to the census office which allows for some interesting detours to Lowe's, the wonderful lumber yard across the street
and the Palisades mall. I feel like my enumerators are doing a good job (all but one) and it's all coming to together. I do like all the different types of people I have met along the way of this project.
Back to today:
Move rocks in the backyard out
Plant vegetables: put out manure?
Do Nora's window box
Jacob dental check-up
Dr. Ossen consult for Sarah & Jacob
Travel arrangements for Sarah for camp
Belt for Jacob's pants/ Wash shirt
LAUNDRY (later with kids?)
To Rockland
(Copper nails for roof)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So, I just got an email informing me that Max and I have been chosen to participate in an exhibit about money at the Hera gallery in Rhode Island. The images that got accepted are seen above. My life is especially hectic now with the census work and managing the counting of my town, the jury project, the family, my artwork, real estate license, house and garden et al. Grateful the kids have some planned activities this summer. It's good to give those weeks some direction. Anyways, I'm thinking that I am more drawn to interesting endings now- more than happy ones. Just a thought.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I got lost reading old blog entries and it's Mother Day and my son's 12th birthday and I really need to get back in bed. So I am going to write later. It's been a truly beautiful spring complete with shed built in the backyard and a hedge of shrubs planted to screen the shed from our neighbor's view. Finally, a private place to tuck the wheelbarrows!! I like our new building and can't quite believe we managed to get it constructed. James found actual slate on Craigslist and arranged delivery and it is now stacked in neat piles awaiting installation. The roofer was a young guy from upstate who was working in the area. His dad was there also. When I admired the slate he told me the great deal we were getting. Originally the slate costs $4-5.00 each and we bought his son's tiles for $1.00 per. James maintains he will do the work and he has already tarpapered the roof to protect the shed from the elements. So our little building will have an elegant (and high end) slate roof just like the house. That will be a sight to see!